The Bioeconomy encompasses the production of renewable biological resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value added products, such as food, feed, biobased products as well as bioenergy.

Bioeconomy value chains integrate the latest breakthroughs in clean technology, biotechnology and genetic engineering to extract and produce high value products from agricultural, forestry, marine and waste biomass.

In Ireland, the Bioeconomy has experienced significant growth in activity in recent years as companies of all sizes look to diversify and become more resource efficient and sustainable. Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre is well-positioned to contribute to Ireland’s fast growing bioeconomy by supporting SME’s and large industries to identify and scale opportunities to valorise primary and residual process streams.

Over the last decade Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre has supported companies in prospecting and extracting high value ingredients and products from a variety of bioeconomy feedstocks including seaweed, grass and hemp as well as industrial residue streams from the milling, pulp and dairy sectors, and many more. New natural products developed include high value ingredients and products for food, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications. Building on this experience, Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre is available to provide tailored solutions for organisations wishing to maximize and diversify existing value chains.

The Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre provides a variety of support options depending on the needs of industry including:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Innovation Vouchers
  • Innovation Partnerships

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