Marine Biotechnology

The marine environment represents a highly diverse source of bioactive compounds including carbohydrates, peptides, proteins, lipids and antioxidants. These marine-derived functional ingredients have a range of applications in food & drink, feed, cosmetics, health and general life sciences. Marine biotechnology (‘blue biotechnology’) utilizes the marine biodiversity and offers novel marine-based compounds for industries.

Marine Biotechnology has been identified as an emerging area with high potential. European policy on the bioeconomy also identifies marine bioresources as a source of novel products and processes that can be unlocked by marine biotechnology. High value products from bioresources can often be a small volume of the original biomass. A biorefinery approach to marine biotechnology can be the most efficient in order to extract as much value as possible from the biomass. Examples of applications include:

  • Food ingredients
  • Techno-functional extracts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Horticulture
  • Animal feed

Shannon ABC have delivered projects in the marine sector with industry partners as well as through national and EU funding. We have worked with a range of marine biomass including fish waste, oyster powder, seaweed and microalgae. Seaweed and microalgae are two area of particular expertise for Shannon ABC and we have worked with a wide range of Irish companies to support them in their research, development and innovation strategy. Shannon ABC facilities are well equipped to deliver these types of projects and include:

  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Extraction capabilities (including super critical fluid extraction)
  • Cell culture facilities
  • Microalgal food grade suite
  • Pilot scale rotary evaporation
  • Pilot scale fermentation suite
  • Pilot scale centrifugation

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