Shannon ABC have expertise in Industrial, Agricultural and Marine Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology, or White Biotechnology is the application of biotechnology to industrial applications and production processes.

Micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeast and fungi can be applied in industrial settings to address specific challenges. Micro-organisms are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of applications from bioremediation of contaminated land to making your favourite beer or kombucha!

At Shannon ABC we interact with various companies using our biotechnology capabilities, for example, utilising bacteria or our proprietary fungal biobank to produce end point chemicals or bioactive compounds via fermentation. To find our more about our fungal biotechnology capabilities, please click Fungal Biotechnology2 (1).

Agricultural Biotechnology, or Green Biotechnology is the application of biotechnology to  agriculture. Green Biotechnological approaches and applications include creating new plant varieties of agricultural interest, producing biofertilizers and biopesticides.

At Shannon ABC we have worked on a range of natural extracts as plant biostimulants, and have fully equipped plant growth chambers with controlled temperature, light, humidity and carbon dioxide – we can re-create any environment on the planet in these chambers (and our PIs have even been involved in planning for plant growth off planet!)

Marine Biotechnology, or Blue Biotechnology is the application of biotechnology in the marine sector. Ireland has significant marine resources, almost 10 times our landmass. This provides significant opportunity for the development of novel products, and secure natural supply chains.

At Shannon ABC we have delivered a range of projects in the biomarine sector, working with companies and other research institutes. Areas of research include fish waste, macroalgae (seaweed) and microalgae. For further information on our microalgal research, please click here.

The innovation and impact that we deliver is often enabled by the integration and merging of these different biotechnological areas. 

Some of our equipment and facilities that can support biotechnology applications include:

  • Fermentation facilities – shake flask, 5L, 7L and 100L bioreactors
  • Single use bioreactor
  • Lab scale and 100L Photobioreactors
  • Walk in and reach in plant growth chambers
  • Pilot scale centrifuge
  • Rotary evaporator – 1L and 5L
  • Preparative chromatography
  • Fluorescence microscope
  • Microbiology suite
  • Proprietary fungal biobank
  • Proprietary microalgal biobank
Cell Culture Analysis
Analytical Compositional Assessment

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