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NACO initiative a success as Shannon ABC winds up the project

The NACO project has reached a successful conclusion with many events hosted online. Some topical issues covered included the Formulation of Cosmetic Products, Cosmetics Manufacturing, R&D Funding Opportunities for Cosmetics, Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Companies, And European Union Cosmetics Regulations. To ensure that stakeholders who could not attend these sessions also benefit, Shannon ABC uploaded all the sessions on the SABC YouTube channel. Cosmetics SMEs and other interested stakeholders can access these various sessions at

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Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Companies by Karen Twomey (Communications Hub) Click here

European Union cosmetics regulations Patricia Alamo (Lynoslife) Click here

R & D Funding Opportunities for Cosmetics (Enterprise Ireland) Click here

Formulation of Cosmetic Products by Dr. Brian O’Rourke (Design Plus in the Institute of Technology Carlow (now SETU Carlow)) Click here

Cosmetics Manufacturing by Paolo Camattari (Lynoslife) Click here

Shannon ABC has worked with SMEs based in the cosmetics sector for 10 years, assisting them with product development, ingredient selection and screening, access to funding and strategic development. As a Technology Gateway, we are aware of the cosmetics ecosystem and challenges that cosmetics companies face, in particular small companies who base their products on natural extracts. We will use our cosmetic sector expertise alongside our track record of working with companies, to identify and address the industrial needs of rurally based cosmetic companies in both Ireland and Finland. 

It can be challenging for small companies to have expertise at all stages of the cosmetic development process; therefore the delivery of the NACO project by Shannon ABC will help SMEs to navigate and access the support that they require at all stages of the process.

The NACO project will offer cosmetics companies the opportunity to take part in networking events, training programs and innovation support activities. Events will focus on areas such as research and development, funding opportunities, formulation and regulation. Companies will also be offered the opportunity to access facilities and expertise in the University of Oulu, in addition to the available expertise in Shannon ABC in MTU Kerry, which includes cell culture and efficacy testing.

NACO Project Team:
Project Lead: Dr Niall Burke
Network and Innovation Support Officer: Dr Aoife Curran
Project Advisor: Dr Joanna Tierney

For more information on the NACO project, please contact Dr Aoife Curran at

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