Ascophyllum nodosum extract (SealicitTM) boosting soybean yield through reduction of pod shattering-related seed loss and enhanced seed production

The Plant Biostimulant Group from Shannon ABC, MTU-Kerry and the R&D department from Brandon Bioscience together with researchers from Federal University of Uberlândia (Brazil) have recently published an article in Frontiers in Plant Science entitled “Ascophyllum nodosum Extract (SealicitTM) Boosts Soybean Yield Through Reduction of Pod Shattering-Related Seed Loss and Enhanced Seed Production”. This publication is a result of a successful project funded by the INNOWIDE call of the EU-Horizon 2020 Program and Brandon Bioscience. To view this article please click here.

This study investigated the efficacy of SealicitTM, a novel Ascophyllum nodosum extract (ANE) containing PSI-759 biomolecule complex manufactured by Brandon Bioscience, in increasing yield and conferring pod shattering resistance in a major podded crop, soybean. Soybean is one of the most valuable commercial crops because of its high protein, carbohydrate, and oil content. The impact of SealicitTM on soybean yield was assessed at two distinct geographical locations (Canada and Brazil) with four different varieties. The effect of SealicitTM on pod shatter was tested using 3 different concentrations of SealicitTM, which were applied to pod shatter-susceptible (SS) UFUS 6901 and shatter-resistant (SR) UFUS 7415 varieties. SS variety demonstrated a significant decrease in pod shattering, which coincided with deregulation of GmPDH1.1 and GmSHAT1–5 expression, genes that determine pod dehiscence, and higher seed weight per pod. SealicitTM application to the SR variety did not significantly alter its inherent pod shatter resistance but provided higher increases in seed yield at harvest. This work demonstrates that SealicitTM, has the potential to improve pod resistance and seed productivity in soybean. Biostimulants that mobilise genetic plant potential to achieve high-quality crop with maximum yield represent an attractive tool to currently applied methods for efficient food production.

Brandon Bioscience is a research-intensive biotechnology company that focuses on transforming natural raw materials into sustainable agronomic solutions for crop production using the Plant Signal Induction (PSITM) Technology Platform. Brandon has developed a suite of plant biostimulant products used by thousands of growers in more than 36 countries to improve yield & quality of crops.


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