Deerland Ireland R&D Limited

Investigation of probiotic bioactivity of Bacillus species product

The Company

Deerland Ireland R&D Limited (part of Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes) specialize in developing science-backed solutions that benefit microbiome health, using probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme technology. With a global team of industry experts working in state-of-the-art facilities, they are positioned to serve customers from the initial stages of product conceptualization, through the design phase, final formulation and contract manufacturing.

The Question

The purpose of the study was to investigate the efficacy and activity of one of Deerland’s novel probiotic strains of Bacillus. The company have a number of clinical trials showing this strain of probiotic is effective in supporting digestive and immune health in humans. However, little is known around the actual mechanism of action responsible for the efficacy of this unique strain. Gaining insights into the mechanisms helps support development of the product to allow further innovation beyond the currently available products on the market. Understanding these details in human subjects is complicated and Deerland does not support animal testing, therefore these studies were conducted in cell culture models at Shannon ABC in Kerry using intestinal epithelial cells (Caco-2 cells).

Solution through Shannon ABC

Two in vitro experiments were performed to investigate the antimicrobial activity of the Bacillus strain against two common pathogenic bacteria strains, and to assess the adhesion ability of the strain to the mammalian colorectal Caco-2 cell line (a key probiotic trait). The obtained results in this study showed a growth inhibitory effect of the Bacillus strain against one of the pathogenic bacteria strains and confirmed its ability to adhere to Caco-2 cells. Both findings highlight desirable traits of the product for Deerland, encouraging them to proceed to the next steps in their product development with this particular strain. The findings have given the company an understanding of the adhesion and antagonistic activity of their unique strain and this developed model can be a base for investigations of next generation strains in the company’s R&D pipeline.

The findings have given the company a scientific understanding of the probiotic activity (i.e. adhesion and antagonistic activity) of one their unique strains, helping to enhance their marketing potential for this product, particularly in the European market where they are looking to strengthen their presence. Additionally, the techniques and protocols developed in this project will be able to be utilised in mechanistic studies of additional probiotic strains coming through their R&D pipeline. Having a scientific understanding of the mechanisms behind how their strain confers digestive and immune health in the gut adds further credibility to their product and company as a whole, opening up marketing avenues and gives an opportunity for them to apply for health claims in the EU.

Company Testimonial

Working with the experienced team at Shannon ABC, we have been able to investigate crucial properties of our probiotic strain. The results obtained through this study has allowed us to strengthen our sales and marketing position for the strain as well as providing support to our R&D pipeline. Following on from this project, we have carried out a number of other research projects with the team which has allowed us to remain a strong scientifically-driven company in the area of probiotics. We would highly recommend partnering with Shannon ABC to any company looking for high-quality scientific research.

Alison Winger, Director, Deerland Ireland R&D Limited