Purus Cleanroom Solutions Ltd

Validation of efficacy of microbial removal by adhesive flooring

The Company

The Purus Cleanroom Solutions (PCS) team has 30+ years of experience in the adhesive mat manufacturing business, and as such, adhesive mats are the product that they are best known for around the world. Purus Cleanroom Solutions Ltd are based in Limerick, Ireland. Purus Mats are the newest and most advanced adhesive mat to be introduced to the market. The multi-layered adhesive mat, which also contains an antimicrobial additive, removes dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels prior to their entry into a clean or controlled environment. Purus mats are available in 30 or 60 layer versions. Each numbered layer is fully coated with a particle grabbing adhesive. When a layer becomes loaded with contamination, it is peeled off, exposing a new clean layer for use.

The Question

The primary market to date for PCS Ltd is in the cleanroom sector, using adhesive mats for the removal of dirt and particulate matter from footwear. The company saw an opportunity to market their product more as a microbial removal tool and potentially to then target the healthcare sector. In order to do so, they needed to generate hard scientific data to prove that their adhesive flooring could remove micro-organisms from the soles of footwear. While some manufacturers do claim microbial removal capacity, their data is limited and in some cases not provided at all; proof that PCS’s product could physically remove micro-organisms would provide PCS with both a way to engage the healthcare sector and also act as a significant advantage over competitor products.

Solution through Shannon ABC

Shannon ABC assigned a research team to this project and designed a test method, based where possible on validated ISO methods, for the application of micro-organisms onto test soles in a carrier medium, subsequent testing against PCS’s adhesive flooring product and enumeration. Shannon ABC advised PCS on the selection of appropriate micro-organisms in addition to data interpretation. Due to the developmental nature of the project, trouble shooting was required during the course of the project. In addition to the expertise at Shannon ABC, the research team, and PCS, were able to access the capabilities of the CREST Technology Gateway team at DIT (Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Coatings) who provided cutting edge advice regarding surface coatings and the mechanics of microbial adherence. The capability at Shannon ABC, and network available to it through the Technology Gateway Program, provided PCS with a bespoke, robust test method that has delivered key data for the company.

The availability of these test results allows PCS to engage with potential distributors, who currently work with customers in healthcare industries and hospital sectors, which were previously unavailable due to the absence of the scientific data necessary for their industry sectors. Test data, validated as closely as possible to ISO standards has not previously been available in this industry sector and it is expected will generate significant interest and sales into the future.

Company Testimonial

“Shannon ABC are a very focused and professional organisation who really delivered for us, results were on time and exactly what was on the brief. Great people to work with”