New book on “Recent Advances in Micro- and Macroalgal Processing: Food and Health Perspectives”

Dr Gaurav Rajauria is a lecturer in bioeconomy and biopharmaceuticals and a principal investigator at Shannon ABC. Gaurav has recently published a book entitled “Recent Advances in Micro- and Macroalgal Processing: Food and Health Perspectives”. To view Gaurav’s book please click here.

This comprehensive text offers an in-depth exploration of the research and issues surrounding the consumption, economics, composition, processing and health effects of algae. With contributions from an international team of experts, the book explores the application of conventional and emerging technologies for algal processing. The book includes recent developments such as drying and milling technologies along with advancements in sustainable greener techniques.

The text also highlights individual groups of compounds including polysaccharides, proteins, polyphenols, carotenoids, lipids and fibres from algae. The authors provide insightful reviews of the traditional and more recent applications of algae/algal extracts in food, feed, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products. Offering a holistic view of the various applications, the book looks at the economic feasibility, market trends and considerations, and health hazards associated with algae for industrial applications.

This important book:

• Provides a comprehensive overview of algal biomolecules and the role of emerging processing technologies
• Explores the potential biological and health benefits of algae and their applications in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products
• Includes a current review of algal bioactives and processing technologies for food and ingredient manufacturers
• Contains contributions from leading academic and industrial experts

Written for food scientists, allied researchers and professional food technologists, Recent Advances in Micro- and Macroalgal Processing: Food and Health Perspectives offers a guide to the novel processing and extraction techniques for exploring and harnessing the immense potential of algae.

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