BAMMBO (Sustainable production of biologically active molecules of marine based origin)

BAMMBO screened and identified target marine invertebrate organisms from diverse global locations for their potential to serve as sustainable producers of high value added bio-molecules (HVABs).

Innovative solutions to overcome bottlenecks associated with developing economically sustainable, environmentally friendly and scalable culturing methodologies designed to produce high yields of value added products from marine resources for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial sectors were created. Novel analytical methods for the extraction, purification and enrichment of targeted bioactive compounds were developed. Life cycle analysis of the production pathways were undertaken to attain an environmentally holistic perspective of the sustainable production potential of HVABs from marine organisms. Knowledge and technology developed during the project in the form of know-how, new discoveries and novel inventions was documented as foreground IP and is progressing through the stages of IP protection. Non-IP sensitive outcomes were widely disseminated to target groups including researchers, policymakers and industrial stakeholders via a wide range of media routes as well as BAMMBO coordinated activities and participation at BAMMBO attended events. The European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research encouraged capacity-building and promoted integration and synergies across all marine sectors. BAMMBO research has enabled involved RTD and SME partner participant’s to build their research and production teams and further facilitate the mobilization of project participants to exchange technical experience and knowledge. BAMMBO’s outcomes will serve in part to increase the competitiveness of the EU economy based on the capacity to create high value added knowledge based goods and services and foster the sustainable economic development of the marine sector.

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