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Shannon ABC attends the SFI Plant Science Festival

Shannon ABC attended the SFI Plant Science Festival as part of Science Week. The SFI Plant Science Festival was held at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin on the 18th of November 2022. Dr. Camila Bibiano, (Senior Research Scientist), part of CELLS Research Group, and Dr. Emma Murphy, (Senior Business Development Scientist) represented Shannon ABC.

The Shannon ABC exhibition stand showcased parts of the research conducted in Shannon ABC and CELLS research group. This included a tent simulating a controlled environment for plant growth. The tent mimicked the Environmental Growth Chambers at the Shannon ABC facilities, and Clevenger Apparatus for Essential-Oil distillation. The team conducted demonstrations with mint leaf distillation and the public witnessed the extraction and essential oil collection processes. Posters were used to explain and exemplify plant-based research conducted at the Shannon ABC and CELLS facilities and equipment. At the centre stage were posters on plant growth, compound extraction, chemical extraction, and bioactivity applications.

The SFI Plant Science Festival was attended by many institutions that also work with Plant Science Research. The 2022, SFI Plant Science Festival was a resounding success with other higher and tertiary institutions like University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin attending. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine also attended the festival.

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