Working With Industry

The key aim of the Shannon ABC Technology Gateway is to assist in the continued prosperity of industry by offering access to wide ranging expertise and know how; state of the art equipment and facilities; and access to a wide variety of national and international funding programs.

As a Technology Gateway, Shannon ABC delivers close to market solutions for industry and acts as an access point to wider research resources and infrastructure. Industrial biotechnological research is confidentially conducted with companies specialising in the Agricultural, Food, Marine, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries, among others. We recognise that servicing industry requires a flexible approach and Shannon ABC have experience working with industry on a number of levels which are based on a gradient of involvement by Shannon ABC.

  • Providing laboratory space

  • Providing access to equipment

  • Providing operational expertise 

  • Method/Process development

  • Collaborative research on projects

  • Desk based research

  • Contract research


To find out about some of the most commonly used funding options that may be available for your organisation, please go to our Funding Support page.

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